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22 November 2015


18 November 2015


08 November 2015


06 November 2015


20 October 2015


30 September 2015


28 August 2015

Dear Innesa, I met you at Tryzub in Horsham, PA and purchased 2 of your cds. You play the violin with so much passion and musicality. I love both cds. Thanks. Nadia

Dr. Nadia Worobij
24 August 2015

Dear Innesa, I met you at Tryzub in Horsham, PA and purchased 2 of your cds. You play the violin with so much passion and musicality. I love both cds. Thanks. Nadia

Dr. Nadia Worobij
24 August 2015


18 August 2015

Hello , we are a national traditional band from Iran with " Ravack " name . we would love to take part in international music festivals. I will be glad if we have an opportunity to take part in your festival.

Mohammadreza Davoudi
03 September 2014

Неможливо передати словами красу музики - тільки серце вторить Вашій скрипці. Іннесо,Ви справжня чарівниця - звуки скрипки зцілюють душу. Вдячна долі за знайомство з Вами.

Ярослава Данищук
07 August 2013

Innesa, it was such a pleasure to hear you play at the Pysanka festival in Vegreville. You obviously play from your heart with passion & joy and that is definitely conveyed to the audience. My 82-year old mother was delighted to hear you play her father's favorite song which he often sang when she was a young girl. Innesa, you do our Ukrainian heritage an honour with your music.

Sid Dwernychuk
09 July 2012

Inessa, it was a real pleasure to play the Kolomenka with you in Vegreville, Canada. You are a wonderful musician and it was great to hear such a talent in the prairies of Alberta!

Joel Gray (trumpet player in Trembita)
08 July 2012

Doroha Pani Innesa - meni pereslaly Vash link do YouTube Vashoho vykonania pisni na vessili. CHUDOVE!!! Vse radiu yak chuiu talanovytyx liudei. Ya jyvu v Brazylii (pivnichnim sxodi) i nemaie tut Ukraintsiv. Vony juvyt 2500km zvidsy. Budy vid teper slidkuvaty za Vashymy uspixamy. Nadius shcho i dali Vy budete holosom toi NASHOI Ukrainskoi kultury. Najal duje bahato uktraintsiv zabuly shcho vony uktaintsi i maiut sviy vlasnyi kulturnyi skarb i ne potrybuiut moskovskoho; Bajaiu Vam uspixu!!! Margarita p.s. chy u vas ye ukrainsko movnyi sait -

Your name Margarita
02 December 2011

Hi Innesa I love that Emily is learning from one of the best. I thank you for forwarding this site to me, which I intend on sharing with others, to give them the opportunity to listen to such a phenomenal violinist. We love you and God Bless, Emily & Clorraine

28 November 2011

i look forward to heaing you play in connecticut at the festival! I-)

07 September 2011

Innesa, You have an amazing talent and I as well as my family enjoy when you preform at the Ukrainian Festival at Tryzub every year. I love the two CDs that I have purchased from you. They are beautiful. Keep up the wonderful work that you continue to preform. One day I will speak to you in the Ukrainian languange. God Bless.

~Christia Martynenko
22 August 2011

Hey Have To Say Youre AWESOME!!! Seen You At The Tryzub Today 08/21/2011 Your Music is Soothing!! Where Can I Buy Your CD?? I will post your Pic's on My Facebook!! Frederick Carpenter f.carpenterjr@att.net

Frederick Carpenter
21 August 2011

Дуже рада за твої досягнення, працелюбності, таланту та ідей - тобі не бракує. Так тримати!!! З найкращими побажаннямиб

Наталя Діброва (Girona, España)
09 January 2011

Merry Christmas to all your family. Have a nice time!

25 December 2010

beautiful music!!! great performences Innesa:)

17 November 2010

Я не знала,що Ти була на Україні,в Сокалі,як бачу з записів.Жаль,що не здзвонилися... :(

Жаровська Оля
07 October 2010

Привіт!Дуже подобається Твій сайт!Вітання зі Львова!:)))Великих Тобі і надалі УСПІХІВ!Скучили за Тобою!

Жаровська Оля
07 October 2010

Privet nailucshim skripacam Ameriki ot nailucshih skripacej Turcii.

Irina Gerasimova-Gulmen
23 August 2010

Іннесочка! рада була почути на парафіяльному пікніку 1-го серпня. Ти чудова

05 August 2010

класно виступила у Сокалі

10 June 2010


10 June 2010

Videos on the sites are updated! Have a nice mood listening to super music!

06 June 2010

Вітаю Іннесо! Браво. Чудове виконання. Гердан запалив моє серце

03 March 2009